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Busy Workout Day on a Hot Day

Friday, 2.28.20

I woke up at 8 am to take out the trash, before feeding Gumby. It was already warm for eight in the morning, which is obvious transitional signs for springtime. After eating my breakfast, I decided to do my foot therapy routine, before wearing my gym clothes. By 10:15 am, I parked my yellow 2012 Beetle at the Spectrum Center, wearing cropped spandex leggings, black fingerless gym gloves, orange tee, black compression socks, sneakers, my brother’s fraternity hoodie sweatshirt, and my old Mazda cap, I walked with my AAA gymbag and yoga mat inside its light green bag toward the 24 Hours Gym. I looked like I was going camping. I noticed that the weather was even warmer at 10:20am. 

After entering the gym, I noticed I had one hour and a half until the yoga class. So, I went upstairs to walk on the treadmill. I walked around 30 minutes, burning 200 calories, which is 2 miles. Then, I went downstairs to set up my camp, which involved taking out my yoga mat, taking of my sneakers, and wearing a headband. I stretched a little bit while I waited. I also drank a lot of water to keep hydrated. After one hour of yoga, I packed up my yoga camp gear, and I walked out of the gym into humid weather. It felt like summertime. When I sat inside my car, I noticed it was in the 80s. 

When I arrived home, I checked the internet weather report. Today’s weather is 82 degrees, tomorrow will be in the 70s, and there will be rain on Sunday. So far, I have no plans for this weekend. But I do have a 5-mile walking meetup at 6pm this evening. So, today appears to be a good workout day. Now, I am resting up and drinking up until 6 pm. 


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