Baby Castiel

Hello everyone this is my grandson Castiel. His first check up the doctor says he’s very healthy and he’ll be a month old on the 28th of this month and well he smiles and he Laughs a little bit when he’s sleeping and it’s kind of cute. He has the biggest blue eyes I’ve ever seen is so alert. When he was born a few minutes after they cleaned him off and everything he was just staring at his mama. He smiles and laughs a little bit. His mama and daddy brags about him so much that I don’t even get a chance to brag about my new grandson LOL. But, he loves his grandma holding him and he falls asleep when he’s in Grandma’s arms. He loves it when grandma reads to him or please music on my laptop for him to listen to and he your loves the music that’s on the YouTube with the Colorful designs that changes shape with the music. Now that Castillo was born my dog has become the most protective dog I’ve ever seen over Castiel. My dog Jasmine she won’t let anybody she doesn’t know come up and see Castiel. She is the Second darndest dog I’ve ever had. Thank you for reading this my friends and I’ll keep you all updated. God bless you all.


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