Are You Looking for a Small Dog for Emotional Support?

The warmth of a dog is unbeatable, and when you cuddle up with your canine, it makes you feel good and boosts your energy. Dogs are used in hospitals to give comfort to patients. They find use in schools and to help those who are disabled.

The emotional support dogs soothe people who need the support of a friend to hold them and play with them. The ESA is known to help those with sensitive health conditions and offer many health benefits. Make sure that you get your ESA registered for which you will have to approach a licensed therapist.

Chihuahua Bruiser

The Chihuahua Bruiser gives solace, and the small size of this dog makes it an ideal emotional support animal. These pups are energetic and offer comfort. The Chihuahua Bruiser comes in varied colours and they may either have a short or long coat. They are tiny and thus can easily be lifted on to the bed in the hospital. Chihuahua Bruiser is also known to be confident, intelligent and alert dogs.


The poodle is fluffy to touch and also one of the most intelligent of the dog breeds. The canine stands apart because it is a mixture of beauty and brains. The poodle is obedient, and they make an ideal dog for therapy. The coats of the poodle come in white, black or apricot and these are hypoallergenic. It makes it suited for those who suffer from any allergy.


Corgis are known to be the royal dogs, and they are also excellent as an emotional support animal. They belong to the herding group, and these dogs are known to be even-tempered and are an affectionate breed. The Corgis are sturdy and short, and they have a friendly and obedient attitude. The Corgis were originally bred to serve in the farms as herders, and they were good companions for those who stayed in nursing homes or those who had some disability. 

French bulldogs

The French bulldogs are perfect for humans who need a companion. They are affectionate, non-confrontational and have an even temper. The French bulldogs have a muscular frame, and they have a heavy body structure. They also come with coats that are smooth to touch. The French bulldogs have bat-like ears, and they have a little face. The small size and the social attitude of the French bulldogs make them excellent as an emotional support animal.


Any size of dog can be a good ESA; however, if you are looking for the best small dogs for emotional support, then these are a few breeds that you can choose. The small dogs can be lifted can be held easily than the large dogs. Temperament is also essential when it comes to choosing the best small dogs for emotional support. So it is crucial that the small dog that you want for an ESA is gentle and friendly and has a calm nature. They should like to be handled and petted. Go ahead and get your ESA and enjoy the benefits that the dog has to offer to you.


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