Amazing Benefits of Herbal Beauty Products

If you go to any drugstore today, you will find aisles on top of aisles of different beauty products. They are all promising to give you perfect results with no effort and they all seem to have a full-proof way to do it. But if you flip the bottle around and go through the ingredients list, things get tricky. We all know that there’s no such thing as “chemical-free”, as everything, including water and air, are chemicals. But there is still a big difference between natural and man-made chemicals, where ones aren’t that good for you, but the other can have quite a few benefits, so let’s talk about them.

Long-term benefits

Here’s the main difference between natural and artificial skincare products: while artificial products might give you some instant results, they are achieving it through attacking your skin from the outside and essentially damaging it in the long run. But natural products, on the other hand, take time to work, because they actually work together with your skin to heal it from the inside and make it healthy that way. So, while you might have to stick with for a while before you see the changes, it will be much better for your skin long-term. As a general rule, you shouldn’t use any artificial products on a long-term basis, because you will end up irritating your skin and making it much worse than it was to start off with.

Save the planet

Natural products aren’t just natural with their ingredients, they are much better for our planet. When you look at artificial products, their very production is polluting the planet, because the waste that is created and dumped back into our waters is contaminated with those chemicals. This isn’t to say that creating natural products doesn’t create waste, but rather that waste from natural products isn’t as bad for the environment as the artificial ones, and they will sometimes come in biodegradable or reusable packaging as well. Not to mention that cruelty free makeup means not supporting torturing animals in the name of beauty – a cause we can all get behind in a heartbeat.

Create a ritual

Sure, you can’t really make your own moisturizer and makeup, but there are things you can create by yourself at home, and it’s really the only way you will know exactly which ingredients go into what you’re putting on your skin. Perhaps a few times per week, you can create a homemade nurturing skin mask from avocados, honey and some lemon juice. Make it a part of your self-care ritual and your mind and body will thank you.

Good for everyone

If you see that products are advertised for a certain type of skin only, you might want to check that ingredient list. Herbal products that contain natural ingredients, such as honey, Aloe Vera, rose water, shea butter, and many other herbs are good for all skin types, no matter how oily or dry your skin tends to get. Your body has a way of naturally regulating the oils if you give it the right tools – and natural products are the right tools.

Keep a constant rotation

Most of us have beauty drawers, boxes and bags filled with products that were bought a long time ago and have since expired – but we still use them! This can be very damaging to your skin, but because you don’t sense the product going bad from all the preservatives, you don’t know it’s off. Natural products don’t have preservatives in them, which means when they go bad – you’ll know. When that happens, you want to throw it out and get a fresh one, which is also why you shouldn’t be buying products in large quantities. This might seem like a negative, rather than a positive, at first glance, but if you stop to think about whether you care more about not throwing away something you paid for or the health of your skin – it becomes an easy choice.

You might not be able to immediately throw away all of your makeup and replace it with something fresh and organic, but the first time you have an empty tub, replace it with something that will feed your skin and nourish it back to health.


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