Alone, Not Lonely – 1

There are people who are absolutely terrified of being alone.

Hate themselves

Many people actually hate themselves.   They have made unforgivable (to them) acts in life and wish they were someone else.   Some pretend to be other than who they are when they can.

When they can’t, they do everything they can to avoid being alone.


There are those who are simply afraid to be alone.   Whether they consider themselves incompetent or weak, they just are unable to manage on their own.  They need people.   It is not that they want to be with this one, or go to that venue, they need to be with someone else because they are afraid.


There are people who are limited.   Whether this is due to psychological problems or misunderstandings, they simply can not create protocols and practices to fill the hours.

They can get up, go to work, be at work and then, to go home and be alone is so dislocating they will do overtime, eat out, do anything to not go home when they live alone.


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