After Abuse -91

Lena was dating Kevin.   He was beginning to realise she was manipulating him and began to  pull away.  Lena, extremely perceptive, began her program to get him back into her life, and cement him in place.

She became the sweetest kindest person possible, was wonderful to his friends, and extra loving.  Soon enough Lena became pregnant and he married her.  

After that, she controlled who he spoke to.  If she was leaving the house and learned he was on the phone to a friend, she would stop, start interrupting, so that the person on the other end would terminate the call.

This segregation from his friends was vital to Lena, is vital to every female abuser.  They must sever ties between their victim and his friends so that she and her family and friends are the only people in his world.

He will never escape, save in a box.


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Written by jaylar

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