After Abuse – 45

Often ignored, the abuse of parents by their own children is real.  There is no difficulty seeing elder abuse or when the child is over twenty.   But there are children who deliberately try to hurt a parent.

Myah’s father was worthless.  He was a parasite who lived off of Myah’s mother for eight years.  

The mother had to put the child in a creche because often, when she left for the work, the father would leave the child alone in the crib.

When the child began pre-school, the mother had to pay extra for the teacher or helper to remain with the child after school because the father could not be trusted to pick up the child..

When he began to work he used his money to have girlfriends, which led to the divorce.

Myah wanted to live with Daddy.

Mommy was upset outraged, but the child chose Daddy.   The Mother, hurt, backed off, and went on with her life, seeing Myah on occasion.

Myah, in some twisted mental constructs, felt that Mommy had abandoned her each day, not that Mommy went to work.  And because Daddy was always nice when he was around.  

Living with Daddy she found herself alone, with no interest in whether she went to school or came home.


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