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After Abuse -44

In many cases of separation a child will select one parent over another.  Often, the ‘unchosen’  feels hurt. The key feature in this ‘choice’  is that very often the child selects the least responsible parent.

There are many cases, for example, in which the mother worked, bought everything for the child while the father lived his own life.

The mother took the child everywhere, the father took the child nowhere.

Yet the child wanted to live with Daddy.

The wise unchosen parent, instead of sounding off, instead of listing all the other’s faults will become the chief supporter of the ‘chosen’ . This will  confuse the child and make it seem that the parent s/he is trying to hurt is  cheering their ‘opponent.’

When a child makes a deliberate and angry choice, “I want to go to Daddy! I hate you!”  They are saying;  “I am going to hurt you by selecting my father.  The point is to hurt you.”  

To hurt the ‘unchosen’  a child will deprive him or herself of benefits that could be gained from the unchosen.

By becoming the main supporter of the ‘chosen’ parent; (done after the choice was done and dusted) will make the child regret the choice.

In regret, the child will be far nicer to the unchosen. 


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