After Abuse – 42

Many parents try to form good relations with their children, but the Abuser does not want a good relationship with his parents.  He wants to ‘fix’ them, to ‘play’ them, to ‘use’ them, for this is where he gets his joy.

One of the realities of Abusers is that they don’t care what they lose as long as they can ‘fix’ someone else.

The Child who could have had a fine loving relationship with his parents prefers to be isolated and ignored.   In this way he ‘proves’ to himself how ‘worthless’ they are.

He ‘proves’ to himself that ‘nobody loves him’.

This is his goal.

It is bad enough with an eight year old, when it is accomplished by a forty eight year old, this is evidence of his need to hurt others.

Unless the child is undergoing psychiatric care, the only move is to move.  Move out of the child’s circle and protect one’s self.


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Written by jaylar

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