After Abuse – 28

Spiritual Abuse is when someone controls your feelings.  When what you like/support or don’t like/support is set beyond you.

It is not that you were an Arsenal Supporter but married someone who is die hard Man U and change.   It is not even that you never watched basketball until..   .it is that you don’t know how you feel about anything until you receive your opinion.

Tonight is Marge’s party, you’ve been excited about it.  But the Abuser decides that he’s not going, it’s stupid.  And you sit down.

The next time there is a Party you shrug it off.  He’ll  suggest going.  Being involved with an abuser teaches you to deceive.  

If you want to go out, you act as if you plan on staying home.  

As you realise this, you realise you don’t exist any more.


What do you think?


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  1. Assertiveness training can be extremely useful as a counter to such behaviour. Being assertive does not mean being aggressive, but it does mean standing up for yourself and having self-respect that will encourage others to respect you.

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