After Abuse – 26

If one is not familiar with Intellectual Abuse,  if one can not perceive it, falling into it again and again is standard.

If one become alert to how a person is made to feel stupid then breaking the pattern is possible.

In most cases it occurs between those  of equal education and ability  where the Abuser tries to demean the other.

One lawyer hires others and tries to make them feel incompetent and substandard when in truth he is no stellar advocate, in fact, he may even be less competent than those he seeks to oppress.

In marriages, the Abuser might adopt some ridiculous opinion which he tries to force on his victim, ridicule her ideas and deductions.

This demeaning of another  gives the abuser a sense of value.

As soon as one begins to feel stupid, the flag should go up.  Why is he insulting me?  And analyse the ‘point’ or lack thereof.


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Written by jaylar

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    • Yes, but when the attempt is to make you believe you are stupider than he is, not just; ‘type that letter or you are fired’ but, “Can you really be so stupid that you need me to tell you to answer that letter?” with a look….

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