A Beautiful Maternity Photo Shoot Becomes Easy

Pregnancy is a time where you are expected to cash in on some cherished memories serving you for the rest of your life. Create your own pregnancy photo gallery is an activity which most pregnant women plan out in advance. But how to develop this gallery is a matter of opinion and the following pointers would be help


It is really important that you discuss with your client about a maternity wardrobe before a session. This could provide you with a viable opportunity for maternity poses and contribute to the overall experience of the session.

Shirts are expected to work well as they highlight your bump during the photography session. If you rely on the use of belts would also help to accentuate the bump.

This is going to provide the client with more space and provide more posing solutions rather than allowing them to keep their hands on the bump always as the shirt would not allow the bump to stand out.

If a mother wants to wear heels they are not recommended and extra shoes are necessary to take rest. When you are pregnant feet are known to swell quickly as you need to keep this point at the back of your mind.

In case if a mother is more than willing to show her bare belly this is more than a great time to pose at a 45 degree angle and go on to throw some light on it.

Hands and legs

In a pregnancy test photo gallery it is all about the legs and hands. With maternity photography the focus is all about the belly but do pay attention to your legs and hands at this juncture. The client could go on to rub the belly as if they are standing alone.

The key is to try and place your hands so that the fingers end up close together and hands are overlapping but not the belly. If she is facing you allow the mothers to cross their legs.

If possible include older children

Maternity sessions should not focus on the belly itself as sometimes the siblings would want to join in the session. This is an amazing moment where the siblings interact with the mother and the dad and even the pregnant belly.

Some amazing clicks of the family gathering can make the place more interesting. If you add this to the session this would make it more meaningful and ensures a willing participation of the participants.

Some of the posing ideas would be to include the hands of the siblings on the belly. Then allow them to kiss on the belly or they could end talking to the mother or dad. The interaction poses are always intimate and prove to be helpful.

Last but perhaps the most important point of consideration is to figure out that all bodies are different. Not each and every pose would work fine for a mother. Do keep in mind that you should not your client in an uncomfortable environment while posing.


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