8 Tips to Reduce Abdominal Fat

What is fat? Fat is unused carbohydrate transferred as fat for future energy requirements.

Where it gets stored or deposited?

Adipose is a largest internal organ. Unused fat get deposited on adipose tissues, and it is the main reason for belly fat or abdominal fat.

Here are eight tips to control fat deposition:

1.     Balanced Protein-diet: High protein intake helps you to feel full for few hours which help to avoid junk foods to fill your stomach that influence belly fat.

2.     Use coconut oil: Coconut oil fats are not harmful and so it will not help you to gain weight. It is full of good cholesterol. It helps to avoid deposition of fat.

3.     Fiber intake: Include Fiber components intake once in a day to soluble deposited fat inside the cell wall.

4.     Do some physical Exercise: You can burn fat by doing some constant exercise.

5.     Lemon and honey with warm water: Warm water with lemon and honey helps to give energy for the entire day. It helps to reduce fat deposition. It cleanses the liver and detoxifies your body. It boosts your immune system and makes the bowel movement systematic.

6.      Bananas: It gives instant energy. It will not get absorbed and eliminated properly.

7.     Leafy Vegetables: Leafy vegetables help to detoxify your body and keep your bowel movement properly.

8.     Intake of Garlic: Garlic is a wonderful item which helps to dissolve cholesterol that gets deposited in your cell wall. Constant intake of garlic helps in constant weight loss.

If these are combined with constant exercise, it will help you feel better. Once you feel light, you will be more active. Once you are active, there will be less chance of storage of fat in the abdomen.


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