5 Surprising Uses for Essential Oils

You’ve probably noticed that essential oils have become hugely popular in the natural health industry over the past few years. For good reason! Everyone from your next-door neighbor to medical professionals are claiming that essential oils can help with a variety of health problems.

But if you’re new to natural remedies, you may be unsure how essential oils can help you. Maybe you don’t know which oils do what. Even if you frequently use them, you may be surprised at some of these possible uses.

1. Combating Fatigue

Aromatherapy helps with depression, and while essential oils probably can’t cure depression, they can definitely alleviate some of the symptoms . You may know that lavender oil can combat anxiety, but certain oils can also help with fatigue. If you struggle to maintain your energy level throughout the day, try placing a few drops of peppermint oil around your work space. You should see improvement in your concentration and alertness!

2. Calming Stress

The calming effect of tea isn’t in your imagination. Earl Grey tea contains bergamot , a sedative that triggers dopamine and serotonin, prompting relaxation, peace, and joy. Chamomile has also been used in tea for centuries as a calming agent. In case tea isn’t your thing, you can still utilize these oils by inhaling their scent or applying small amounts to your skin.

3. Easing Inflammation

A masseuse doesn’t just use essential oils because they smell nice. Some oils also have anti-inflammatory properties that can can ease tension and pain . Rosemary stimulates blood circulation to give your muscles new vitality. Tea tree oil actually engages the immune system, which reduces infection and can even improve acne.

4. Attaining Better Sleep

Do you suffer from insomnia? If so, you’re one of many, and you may also be one of many whom essential oils can help. Scientific studies have revealed that certain essential oils can improve the sleep of both sick and healthy people. Lavender, the ever popular essential oil, has great results, but more obscure oils may also aid you. For instance, try diffusing cedarwood in your room for 30 minutes before going to sleep tonight. Cedarwood produces melatonin in your brain, a hormone that induces sleep.

5. Curing Stomach Ache

Marjoram isn’t just a tasty herb you use to flavor your cooking; it also affects the body’s response to pain. It can help with all sorts of pain, but stomach ache is one you may not have expected. Since marjoram also helps with digestion, it’s a good natural remedy to try the next time you’re suffering from those achy pains in your abdomen.

So the next time you’re suffering from one of these ailments, put away the medication and try an essential oil. Be sure to do your research on the oil you choose, since some need to be diluted before applying topically. Buy essential oils online and see which one will help you the most!

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Trysh Sutton is a wife, mother, attorney, interior decorator, strategic leader and owner of Pure Path Essential Oils. She has an eye for business, innovation and perfection – and a desire to help her family, her friends and herself live a healthy and happy life.


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