10 Short And Helpful Makeup Tutorials That Will Help You Look Gorgeous!

Makeup is the girls’ best friend!

Why short tutorials?

You are not so beginner level when it comes to makeup. You like trying new things and looks. But some tutorials can be very boring,as you are already into makeup. Maybe you don’t like to always see the full process, as you have already developed your own habits. That fancy looking smokey eye is the thing you want to peek into, not the whole foundation process. And you don’t ave the time to look at all those videos and skip to the second when the part that you like begins. And don’t you hate the boring intros of some makeup tutorials?

The trends right now

Makeup tutorials are the ultimate girls’ helper. What are the trends right now? Having perfect brows is a must. You can see how different makeup artists try to solve this problem to get that perfect shape. Also eyeliner can be  little harsh. You want that perfect cat eye, but end up with the panda eye. And you have the tutorial for that. And we have two very opposite trends- matte and glitter. When it comes to lips, glitter is the new trend. But when i mean glitter, i mean lots of it. On top of the lipstick. And let’s not forget the lip enhancement. No matter the size, every girl wants to have bigger than their lips. And we have the tutorial for that too.

When you are in need of something fresh, like a new idea you should look at these short video tutorials and get what you want in short time.  And you can vote for your favorite one too!


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Written by Kristina


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