What to do with my car after the accident?

If you have been involved in a car accident, the biggest thing you will have to worry about after your own health is the condition of the car. You have to take care of the condition of the car, know all the damages, the cost of fixing the car back to a working condition. Once the cars involved in the accident have been removed and all the people injured have been taken care of, it is very much important to check the condition of your car.

However, the aftermath of the accident is often very disappointing and in some cases devastating. You will have to face the stress of getting through all the insurance claims and figuring out how to get the rest of the money and also probably bidding goodbye to the car if the damages of the accident are way worse than expected. The cost of a simple repair can get you to spend so much money on a car. If you can cover the rest of the money apart from the insurance claims, you can go ahead for the repairs. If the car is old and the cost of the repairs is higher than the original cost of the car, you might be irritated to the core. There are many ways to deal with the car after it meets with an accident. Let us discuss what to do in such cases:

  • Repairs: It is mandatory to check the condition of the car after addressing all the people who have been affected by the accident. You can estimate the repair cost of the car seeing the condition of the car. If the car is in a chance to get repaired and be driven around, choose it immediately. Get the cost estimate from the maintenance shop and get the money ready by the time of completion. If the cracks and the damages are heavy which makes the car look totaled, the only ideal thing would be to sell it for scrap. A scrap car is something which has turned into a piece of junk after an accident or after its lifetime.
  • Scrap Removal: A car is told to be a scrap car if the damage is so fatal that the repair cost is more than the refurbishment cost. You can find the scrap yard by searching Scrap cars for cash in Auckland. By doing so, you will at least get some of the money required to buy a new car. Once a car is involved in an accident, the RTO has to issue a fitness certificate for the vehicle to allow it to be driven around. If the car cannot pass the RTO stuff, it cannot be driven anymore. Always find a scrap yard which has licensed people who do it for free. In this way, you can save more money than usual.
  • Car Removal: This is another service provided by companies for your old and damaged cars. They accept the cars in any condition, dead or alive. To find the nearest service, you can search for free car removal in Auckland to get the list of all the companies which provide the best service. You can go to their websites and fill up the form which can be used to get the quote for your vehicle.

After you give the details, you will get the quotes within a very short period of time. The company will call you and it is all in your hands either to accept or decline the offer. A few representatives will visit your house for a quick look at the car. They have this service as they understand that some cars cannot be driven to the yard. They will decide a price right then and there. If you are happy with the price they offer, they will remove the car from your site within a limited amount of time. You will in cash immediately after accepting the price they offer. You can relax while they handle all the documentation and paperwork issues.


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