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Top 5 Car Safety Features You Cannot Do Without

Gone are the days when safety features in a car meant traction control, anti-lock brakes, three-point seatbelts and airbags. Today, most car buyers won’t buy a car that doesn’t have majority of the latest safety features.

What Are The Top Safety Features That Most Motorists Cannot Do Without Today? 

We’ve listed some safety features below. They are the things- in addition to other standard considerations – that many buyers consider when buying a car:

1.Back-up Cameras 

Backup cameras are quickly becoming standard safety equipment features in most cars, even though the government mandated policy has been put on hold. Back-up cameras are especially useful for large cars like SUVs as well as cars with small rear window which reduced visibility or low rooflines. Back-up camera are especially handy for mounting a trailer or backing into or out of a parking space or driveway. They also help in reducing back over accidents which is the cause of over 50 child deaths every year.

2. Speed Limiter And Cruise Control 

This is a superb electronic driving aid that allows the driver speed limit a car can travel. Typically, electronics needed for cruise control also comes with speed limiting function. With this function, drivers can set their own speed limits that the car cannot exceed but at the same time use the accelerator to reduce or increase speed within the preset limits.

Adaptive cruise control is the latest type of available cruise control system. This system uses rear and front facing sensors to detect the car directly in front of your lane. If you get too close to the other vehicle, your vehicle automatically slows down to keep the required safety distance regardless of the speed your cruise control is set to. When the vehicle in front of you is at a safe distance, your cruise control speed is automatically increased. The only snag to this is that other most motorists would nip into the gap; slowing down your car all the time.

3. Automatic Emergency Brakes (AEB) 

AEB is one feature that a lot of buyers are now looking for in a new car. A car fitted with automatic emergency brakes, when sensing a potential collision will start to stop the car, if the driver doesn’t react in time. And IISH survey data shows that “collision reduced by 50% when AEB is installed in a vehicle” An IIHS survey participant has this to say -“it is much faster than me in reacting to emergency situations. The brakes are already applied before my foot hits the pedal.” However, some drivers complain about oversensitivity with the systems near rival cars.

4. Airbags 

This is a feature that is definitely included in every car. If are involved in an accident, given the choice between a hard or a soft surface, you will choose the soft one. Unlike other items in this

piece, airbags are neither desirable or cool but they are good for you. Chances are, you would most probably forget that they exist – until the need for them arises. describes the importance of airbags succinctly -“Airbags have been designed and implemented in modern day cars, with the idea that they will minimize the impact that a person will experience during a collision. Airbags have been designed with the idea that without them, it ‘could be worse.'” Well, that’s as good as any for a compelling reason.

5. Automatic Headlights 

If you’ve ever forgotten to shut off your car lights and your battery got killed, then you will definitely appreciate automatic headlights. With this component, you never have to wonder if you shut off your lights before you locked your car. Once you’ve set it, automatic lights switch off and on automatically based on preset parameters. Even though in my come across as a minor feature, it is a very helpful feature that ensures that daytime running lights are used in place of headlights (and all the lights that they trigger), when travelling through tunnels, driving at stores or on shaded roads during the day.


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Written by Megan Sashyl

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