Tarps: The Latest Innovation For Safeguarding

Protecting the load on the truck is the deepest concern of a professional truck driver. It is the responsibility of a truck driver to ensure safe transportation of the load from the original position to the delivery site. To ensure this, the experienced truck driver takes various preventive measures to protect the load from getting damaged.

A tarp is generally a strong waterproof cloth canvas, commonly known as tarpaulin, made of heavy-duty materials. The main aim of a tarp is to prevent any kind of damage to the items loaded in the truck. It also prevents water from coming in the truck which can cause significant damage to the loaded items.

There are many factors that need to be considered when you are choosing a tarp. There are many types of tarps available in the market and each one has its own unique applications.

Given Below, Is A List Of Some Types Of Tarps And Their Descriptions In Brief:

Light duty polymer tarp:

It is a temporary solution when you need to cover some items for a short period of time. It is an inexpensive and quick solution for covering a leaky roof or truckload and works great in doing such jobs. The mesh count of a light duty poly tarp is comparatively low and so is its weight and poly coating when compared to a heavy-duty poly tarp.

Heavy-duty poly tarp;

It is characterized by a high count of denier, weight, or mesh count. This type of a tarp comes with a thick poly coating and UV protection and is used for a long-term usage. It is also used as canopy tops which is capable of enduring harsh climatic conditions and last for a long time. They are preferred as a truck tarp as they can last the impact of strong winds on a long journey. Overall, this type of tarp is stronger than the light-duty trap.

Cotton canvas trap:

When you need to cover things that need to breathe, this is the best available option. They were extensively used in the times when the light poly canvas was still not discovered. It lets the air pass through the materials it covers as it is not waterproof. The waterproof canvas tarps can also be made by coating the canvas with a waterproof solution. But nowadays, light poly tarps have taken the place of these cotton canvas tarps due to the cost-effective factor of a light poly trap.

Mesh tarps:

These types of tarps are used for shading purpose. They can be graded by the percentage of shade they have to offer. The higher percentage of shade is due to the proximity of the nylon fiber. This type of tarp is used in golf netting and green shades in the garden. The mesh need not be as tight when the tarp is used for just netting purpose. A mesh tarp generally has a higher thread count and a thicker thread shaft. It makes sense to always look for a tighter thread count if you want your tarp to last for a longer time.

Hay tarp:

Hay tarps have a special feature, they have a special strapping system which help the trap to tie strongly into hay bales. A traditional tarp will have grommets while on the other hand, a hay tarp uses V-shaped straps that are quite heavy that will help the tarp to secure itself from the hay.

Insul tarp:

If you are looking for some real insulation for your loads, you must consider an insul tarp. It is a two-poly trap with actual insulation that goes into the material and keeps the outer environment from causing any unwanted effect to the object kept inside.

Thus, tarps are of great help in securing open materials and loads on a truck and ensure that they are safe during transportation.


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