Seven Signs Your Car Needs An Urgent Maintenance Check

We want any car that could go smoothly for months without issues and never makes us visit the service center, but that is a dream situation. Vehicle owners are pretty good at spotting trouble when it happens to the ride. Emergency repairs are also easy to handle when you know what problem affects your car. If the tire has burst, you know how to fix it, or if the windshield is broken, you know how to replace it. Somehow, this logic does not cover regular maintenance of the vehicle.

People forget or overlook some signs that may be warning for a bigger mishap with the vehicle. In our busy routine, we forget to bring the car for a checkup or tune-up, which leads to problems in the future.

Here are silent issues you are ignoring about your car that need to be dealt with immediately:

  • Stalling:

It doesn’t matter if the car stalled once during the drive, right? We get into a panic when the car stops en route to an important meeting, but we regain our breath once the ride is back. You ignore the reason the car stalled and continue. Next thing you know, the car stalls at a busy highway or another pivotal moment.

Stalling has some causes like the clogging of the oil filter or bad spark plugs. Most of these causes can be fixed if the car is brought for maintenance on time. If your car stalls frequently, it is not annoying, it is dangerous. As a responsible driver, you should bring the car for a check if stalling happens a few times. The responsibility is more pressing if you are a family owner or work in a sensitive profession like medicine or healthcare.

  • Fuel mileage reduction:

You take a look at the fuel mileage, and it is fine, so you start the car and drive away. Next thing you know, you see reduced mileage.  You should be able to tell whenever there is a huge fuel dropping in the meter. It is essential because your vehicle’s fuel economy is related to multiple factors.

Maybe it is the emission system acting up, the engine is not being able to perform smoothly, or the wheel alignment is poor when you drive. This little dropping is an indication of huge signs and factors you must report immediately to your car service center.

  • Strange noises:

Are you hearing any strange noises when you are driving the car, or at any point in driving? They should not be ignored because your car might be undergoing an issue that may be dangerous for you during driving.

Some noises are harmless, like a rattle of the windows, but other peculiar noises coming from wheels or the engine must be reported immediately. The vehicle is assembled with parts, and this inter-related mechanism is making the car go around. Noises may mean that the assembly has to be checked. Don’t let the noises get worse and then urge you to take care of it.

  • Warning lights:

If the warning light of your car is on, it is an indication that something is wrong and you should have gone to service. If you spot the warning light, it is not too late to drive to a service and repair area. Most people act carelessly and ignore their warning lights.

we have a habit of pushing things to the weekend, and if the weekend goes busy, we push it to the other weekend. Don’t ignore the warning lights because they are not flashing to provide you an indefinite amount of time to work on that repair.

  • Pedal vibration:

In normal conditions, you push down on the pedal brake, and it should stay firmly in place. When you push down a pedal, and it starts vibrating, you should be concerned. It shows that the rotors are uneven and a brake repair specialist will tell you what to do next.

If your pedal brakes are vibrating during driving, you should not ignore this because it can lead to accidents and losing control of the car during the drive.

  • Leaks:

Leaks in the car are counted as emergency fixtures, and most of us hit the repairs for that. However, coolant leaks seem like no big thing or something we believe will fix on its own.  Coolant leaks are harmful to your car engine because the engine will overheat.

Many cars have a dashboard light to indicate when it’s time to check the coolant level of your car. You can usually spot the leak on the floor where the car was parked. Some cars have a plastic collecting tray that shields leaks from dripping on the floor, making it difficult to spot a leak. You should check coolant levels every month to make sure everything is working okay.

  • Steering wheel problems:

The power steering belt in your car can break or crack, leading to steering fail and putting you and the passengers at risk. You can lose control of the steering if the power steering has been damaged. Take the car to the mechanic and get the situation under control. You will most probably end up replacing the belt.

Power-steering fluid can also leak and put a lot of pressure on the fluid pump. Don’t let the problem grow so much because then it would become a costly fix for you.

Regular maintenance is key:

We can’t stress more about the importance of regular maintenance of your vehicle. Don’t ignore the minor or major signs the car is showing. Tune-ups are not costly, and they save you from the hassle of bigger maintenance costs lest something goes wrong with the car.

If you are a responsible car driver, you should look out for some warning signals your vehicle may be giving you. If you spot any of these during your ride, bring your car over for an urgent maintenance check. If the car has been showing problems and you want to replace it, simply get an online valuation of your car and then visit a dealer who can exchange it in your expected price.


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