How Would You Rate Your Auto Repair Shop POS System?

When did you purchase your current POS system? If your POS, or point of sale, system is outdated, inefficient and doesn’t help you manage your auto repair company more efficiently, it’s time to upgrade. Don’t let an outdated computer and POS system prevent your auto repair shop from offering quality repair services and bringing in more profits. Learn how a system from Merchant Account Solutions can help.

Keep Track of Inventory

When all your bays are full and your mechanics are scrambling to keep up with the demand, it’s easy to lose track of inventory. When you have an inefficient tracking system, your shop can easily run out of necessary parts for routine repairs.

The latest POS systems offer intuitive inventory tracking. Synchronize all your technology so your mechanics can easily add inventory to invoices and it will automatically update your account. That way, it’s easy to order parts when you need them and it’s easy for your mechanics to provide accurate invoices, complete with parts information.

Manage Payroll

Don’t spend all your time in your office. Whether you love getting your hands dirty and working side-by-side with your team of mechanics, or you want to spend your downtime relaxing rather than doing paperwork, find out how your POS system can make payroll a breeze. When you switch to a Clover Station POS system for your auto repair garage, it’s easy to manage payroll and make convenient reports directly from your system.

Manage Your Fleet

If you have work trucks or a fleet of tow trucks and service vehicles, there’s a lot to keep track of. Mileage, gas payments and service schedules can all feel overwhelming without a single tracking system. Use the same innovative technology that tracks your inventory to manage your fleet and keep your fleet ready to roll any time.

Streamline Payments

As you show your customer any maintenance or repair issues on their vehicle, you may want to make notes of repairs and services they wish to choose. Ditch the clipboard and upgrade to a wireless, handheld POS system. With a portable POS, you’ll be able to bring up parts and instantly create an invoice for additional repairs as you walk through your garage. Instead of taking your customer back to the office to print out a receipt or pay for your services, take payments right by their car for streamlined services.

Customers are also using more and more modern payment methods. Gone are the days of a cash-only garage. Keep up with the times and accept contactless payment, payment apps and other convenient payment methods.

Beat the Competition

You’ve invested in the best mechanics and latest products, so don’t let a computer prevent you from leading the way. Beat the competition and continue to offer top-of-the-line repair services to your customers. Learn more about the latest auto repair POS system and improve the business side of your auto repair shop. Find out how you can receive an innovative system that tracks all your payroll, inventory and payments with no contract and an affordable monthly payment. 

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