6 Situations Where You Must Call a Tow Truck

Every driver desires to avoid trouble on the road in the best way possible. However, it’s impossible to foresee what’s going to happen. Various things can go wrong on the wrong. Some might be your making or those of other road users. It’s important to know what to do in such circumstances. One of the best things to do when having issues on the road is to call a tow truck. This is most especially when your car can’t move anymore or when driving it more exposes it to more danger. Check these 6 situations where you must call a tow truck.

When Your Engine Overheats

Various things can make the engine to overheat. These might include leaking water pump and damaged fan belt. The car stops moving when the engine overheats. The only solution to get out of such situation would be to take the vehicle to a mechanic. You’ll have to call a tow truck immediately when your car engine over heats while on the road. This will ensure that you don’t get stuck hoping that it will get fine soon without professional assistance.

After involving in a collision

This is an obvious reason although worth mentioning. After colliding with another motorist, the chances are high that you won’t be able to put your car back on the road soon. The only solution would be to call a tow truck to take your vehicle to the garage for repairs. If you were in the wrong and the other car is severely damaged, it will be your responsibility to call a tow truck and take it to the mechanic at your expense. Driving off after a collision is very damage since it escalates the extent of the damage and puts your life at risk.

When you’ve run out of fuel

One of the greatest fears of any driver is running out of fuel while on the road. Apart from being embarrassing, this can happen anywhere. Forgetting to check the fuel gauge is something many drivers do. When the fuel runs out while you’re in a secluded area, the chances are high that the nearest filling station might be a sizeable distance. The only solution in such scenario is to request for towing services in Perth. You can request the tow truck to come with some fuel at a reasonable cost to save you time and money.

Getting a flat tyre

A car tyre can get flat when you least expect. This might result from damaged treads, low pressure, or running over a harp object on the road. Not every motorist can change a flat tyrel. Therefore, calling a towing service is a smart idea. These can come and change your tyre or tow your car to a garage where the tyre will be replaced.

When stuck in a ditch

Various factors can make you ran off the road where you might get stuck in a ditch. It’s a very stressful moment having your car in a ditch where it can’t get out without assistance. The only solution would be calling a tow truck to come and get your car out. Professional assistance from the towing company ensures that your car gets back on the road without further damage. These will carefully hook your car to the tow and carefully pull it until it gets out of the ditch. All this is done without wasting time waiting for passersby with the right equipment to come and give you a hand.

When your car breaks down

A car break down can take any shape including those mentioned above. Sometimes it’s not easy to easily determine what made your car to stop. Establishing the problem requires a professional mechanic because it might take time and appropriate equipment only accessible in a motor garage. In this situation, calling a tow truck is a smart idea. This allows taking your vehicle to the mechanic to get it fixed.


Since your car can break down any time, keeping a number of a reliable towing agency is a smart idea. You will simply call them to come and pick up your car from any location in Perth. An initial diagnosis is carried out before your vehicle is towed to determine what caused your car to break down in the first place.


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