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2018 Car Show Photography (Part 1)

Hello everyone,

I know I have not posted in quite a while, but hopefully for a while I can keep up with you all and get back to posting some.

Life gets busy sometimes.  Eli has been in school.   We all went through being sick with colds.  Our car wouldn’t start.   Things are getting better now though.

I decided to start working on editing the photos from the car show that happened in August.  I have seven done so far (or how many is in this gallery).  I’ll work on more soon to post the next part.  

Hope you all enjoy!

Car #1 ~ Classic Red Beauty

Not sure what this car is (I will be saying that a lot probably) but I know it is a beauty.  A great way to start out the gallery and editing process in my opinion.  What do you all think? 

Car # 2

Once again, not sure what this is....but it is a cool car.  They all are beauties in their own way, but this not one I would personally go for.  I like how good the condition of the car is though.  

Car # 5

I could not tell you this cars name, but I know it is definitely a clsssic car.  I love the color of this car.   If you know the name, I would love to know too (of this one or any of the others).  

Car # 6

This one is a beautiful classic car, can definitely tell by the shape of the car.  I don't know the name unfortunately.....but maybe one of you who see this will!

Car # 3

I think this is a Mustang, but forgive me if I am wrong....I love the car, just would prefer it in another color.  What do you think about the car? 

Car # 4 ~ Another red beauty

I am not sure what this car is either, but it is another beautiful red car, that is for sure   

Car #7

I guess I should have said truck for this one!  It is not as common, but some trucks end up in the show as well. This is a Ford (not sure what specific model).   

Car # 8 ~ My dream car!

A purple Camaro!  Definitely one of my favorites in the show and in general.  Not sure what year this is, but 67 or 69 I am thinking.  

Which of these 8 cars is your favorite?  How about your favorite classic car in general?  I am always interested in knowing!

What do you think?

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