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Yucca Rose – An Impression Of Trierweiler

A new quick painting – acrylic on wood.

Trierweiler … where is that?

It is a small village north of Trier, the oldest city in Germany – the area is called Eifel – very quiet and peaceful … and very cold. I am from Indonesia – you know, 30+ degrees Celsius in Jakarta – but somehow, I always manage to get to Germany in winter … the third time now. Always winter, always cold … wearing many layers of clothing, hahaha…

… but it is beautiful here. My husband’s family home … overlooking fields and forests with roaming deer and rabbits. The geese are already returning from their winter quarters and a glimpse of spring is in the air.

The bridge in the back is an Autobahn bridge – the border to Luxembourg – so, the hills in the back, that is Luxembourg… they speak funny there – Eddy en Merci or so.

Greetings from Trierweiler



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