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What Makes A Good Writer?

Too many writers caught up with the uncertain opinions of whether they are good enough or not in writing. It’s crazy. There are many bad writers out there and we are pretty obsessive, aren’t we? But what if all this uncertainty was really self-destructive? After evaluating dozen of writers, some qualities can be documented that make a good writer.


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In great writing, words are the lifeblood which actually represents the inner thoughts of the writer. Good writers read and read more. Look, it’s simple because there is no way to get a good piece of writing without throwing resilient input.



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Good writers recognize that each sentence of writing should deliver significant sense to the reader. Focusing on the idea, to communicate the exact thought with the suitable cohesion in sentences, is also the quality of a good writer. Focused writers provide intensive written paragraphs which present the clear idea that can help some readers in real life.

Capture Ideas


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Before start writing, good writers always get different ideas and make themselves fit with one that could be explained in an effective and simple way. Ideas are the inspiration for writers. Constantly capturing ideas and perspectives from different resources for creative input is also one that enables a writer to write well.

Write & Rewrite

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After getting ideas and research, a piece of writing is generated by the writer but is it perfect in a first attempt, of course, or maybe not?

An essential part of writing is rewriting, eliciting the understanding through the warmth of observation and refining the fluff down to some core thought that will actually make a difference is quite complex and hard but important. Good writers get through all these complexities and create valuable content after all.

Get an editor

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It’s true that not all writers are perfect in writing and can generate great paragraph in first their attempt but some may overestimate this fact.  A good writer knows he needs help. He can’t do this on his own (neither can you). You need to get someone to evaluate your writing, someone you trust, so you can know the major mistakes what you did.

A good writer always knows that it’s necessary to assess what is written. A good writer identifies how to avail himself/herself to the Muse. Inspiration is like breathing for the creative spirit, so a good writer understands it.


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