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What does Thanksgiving mean to me?

Thanksgiving Day to me means a day of family even I happen to be alone one day.  I will always remember this day is a day of giving thanks for whatever your needs or wants happen to be.  it really is not about the turkey and the trimmings just like Christmas is not about the presents.  Thanksgiving is a day to just be aware of your blessings that you have and might receive one day whenever.  This is a holiday of as mentioned earlier a day of family and friends and remembering the past with the present and into the future.  

I think we all have our favorite holiday memory and I have mine.  Thanksgiving is a chance to as the day says ‘giving thanks’ to whatever you need to say thanks for or just to be thankful to those that surround you from day to day and night to night and so on and on.  The picture chosen is just a way of seeing oneself and how maybe we see ourselves at times.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!


What do you think?


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  1. How true and I too think that the holidays are more somber now that both my parents are gone (to a much better place) Heaven. I just sit and remember the past and try and put on a happy face today.

  2. Those were some very wise words. I don’t know that I have a favorite holiday. I know that I loved them as a child, not so much as an adult. It seems more somber now. However, I need to put on that smile and make some good things happen. My brother might get to come home today.

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