Ultrabody Invasion.

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This is really experimental art, taken from a painting of mine private collection immaterial, realized &developed with the – Painting of Transformation – a new technique for paint that I have invented into 2013.

Art is changing and this is an example of a different vision and a different approach for a lasting different idea. Realized under the umbrella of my new concept #immateriale arte this is – Ultrabody Invasion – Sorry if I insist over one concept, but is important to understand that to achieve a differentiating result. You need to start from a new idea, that let you easily of transforming the reality of painting into something different.  I achieve the possibility to bring my art at one level not more physical, this passage freeing my art from the material constraints give me new space for my creativity.

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Ciao @, from one of the hottest summers that I remember here in Italy.

Flavio the painter of Transformation.


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