Tomorrow left Town

Tomorrow left Town

gone down

to the Sea

calling the sea maids

long known

as the nymphs that cast  spells

over the rocks

over the fog

over the Lea

singing to today

and chanting to TONIGHT

come closer in Sight

Our voices are bright

a siren is such

a lovely SIGHT

when you hear us sing

we love the fight

of wind and SEA

Come near

DON’T fear

our voices are lovely

the mystery

of mortal men

We sing to Good Men

Come a little closer

Learn when you Yearn

only We

can set you Free!


What do you think?

Written by Johndavisnearby

POEMS from Earth:
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    • Thank you. The Sirens were magical ladies of the Sea
      Calling in mystery
      to Sailors that be.
      A promise of glory
      hiding Tragedy.
      The nymphs of Wood
      and fairies of forest
      and moonlight
      most were benign
      on land sea and sky
      escaping behind.