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The Wheel of Time


The wheel of time is spinning

At a relentless pace

And as the clock is ticking

It’s laughing in your face.



With every passing second

The end is getting near

And all that you have reckoned

Gives way to pain and fear.



Your big dreams and ideals

Are crushed by wheel’s sheer power,

So you know how it feels

To suffer every hour.



And yet, even in times of sorrow

When all hope seems to be lost

You still wait for tomorrow

And fight against past’s ghost.

The battle may be very long

And hanging by a thread

But if your spirit’s strong

You’ll end your grief and dread!



So gather all your force

Throw sadness off your door

And change your life’s course

Don’t fear time anymore!

The photo is mine.


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  1. A great poem Sebastian. I agree with everything word. You have to fight to survive just as long as you do not fight with others. I am happy to see you are back. I guess you mostly still write for expert column? (I am not sure if that is the right term for that writing site).

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