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The Photo Pit

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

This evening, at 7 pm, I went to another Canon workshop in order to improve my skills and get new ideas. The Photo Pit has to do with working with the music industry as a photographer, and get close to the stage to take good photos of artists at concerts. Photographers do not want to talk to other photographers. (I added one out my video clips from the Alessia Cara concert that I attended at the Spectrum Center mall, where I did 4 or 5 short videos of the concert on my iPhone6. I think it is still interesting).

  1. Start shooting at small clubs and bars, and do the whole show to get experience.
  2. Most artists are fickle and moody. One minute, they are cool; while at another time, they might be total assholes.
  3. Use a bounce flash inside a dark venue, such as bar, club, concert, or event.
  4. Start with a 50mm lens, which is great for beginners. Other must-have lenses include 24 – 70mm lens 2.8 and 70 – 200mm lens 2.8.
  5. Camera settings for dark rooms: the aperture should be around 1.4 to 4.0, shutter speed should be around 800+, and ISO should be around 2500 – 6400.
  6. Metering and white balance should be on automatic.
  7. Always shoot on manual in dark areas and nighttime photography.
  8. 500mm lens is perfect for when you are very far from the stage.
  9. When building an online profile, it is important to use a professional website. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are not professional. They are just social networks. Only put your best photographs on the professional website. Remember, less is more and best. Add your contact information. Put 30 different photographs, each from different events. These photos should be 1500 by 1000 pixels.  Display recognizable celebrities or people. When seeking work, do not call anyone. It is not likely to will respond or even call you back. Write emails instead, and keep it simple. Ask them if you can set up photo credentials. Or, shop up at the venue and take photos.
  10. You know you finally made it when you make it all way up to the Pit. You are now up-close near the stage, getting cool photos of the artist.
  11. Etiquette/Rules:  Most artists will accept photographing during 1 to 3 songs with no flash. It will be limited. Most artists tend to have their own photographer because they want to be in control with what gets used or promoted in the media. They do not allow other photographers to shoot in their show.
  12. Business/Copyright:  You completely own your photos, unless you sign a contract on an image in which you lose the right your image.
  13. It is best to start local. Local bands will likely make you the most money because they need the exposure, they are easier to get, and they are likely to be free or cheaper.
  14. Make yourself more valuable by improving other skills, such as writing reviews, making videos, writing articles, blogging, and other useful skills.


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    • I recorded this mini concert at the mall, on my birthday, in around 5-15 minute increments, where Alessia Cara, a canadian artist was performing. there are 3 or 4 more videos of this concert on my YouTube Channel.

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