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The Dance of the Midnight Day Dreamer

The mind is not between the ears. This is verified by science and meditation.  A poetic cry  in the unconscious  part of the mind manages to reach the conscious realm of the mind.  That is when interesting things can happen in life.  However, we still don’t know where the mind is. The search continues. This is a watercolor on paper.


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  1. Thank you very much for your comments. They are very insightful. Did not see that aspect. My friend is better. Back to stage one. She completed a chemo session last week but they are waiting before she gets the next one. She has a running nose. I think a cold. So they have to wait for that to settle down before they go the next one.

  2. I absolutely love this one. First off because there is some subtle coloring in it and the mouvement is slow but deliberate just like in a dream… I do not have the time to write on everyone of your latest paintings but I will get back to them… BTW how is your friend doing? Better I hope…


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