Strong Hours Indignant Work’d Their Wills

An abstract image inspired by a line in the poem Tithonus by Alfred Lord Tennyson. This was painted with acrylic ink on art paper without the use of a brush. This is the most intermit way I know of painting and lets me get my mood down on paper in colour. I am not aware of another artist using this style to paint.


What do you think?

Written by Ralph


    • I think you are looking for me to explain the abstract image i have painted.. Often to understand the painting you have to understand the artist. In this case it is a deeply personal view of someone who has Parkinson”s Disease taking strong medication and how I view the world. It is a convoluted path of changing emotions the dark side of depression Anxiety and paranoia that I travel down from hour to hour and I have to use all my will power to keep out of the dark side. and see the beauty around me.I hope that helps.