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Stand and Talk: The 3 Strategies in Making Your Public Speaking Successful

Public speaking is when you put your thoughts into words and convey them to your target audience. It requires a lot of time and effort to become an effective public speaker. You need to have enough time to undergo a series of training and practice. You also have to exert so much effort to apply what you’ve learned to the actual public speaking.

Before you go on stage to deliver your speech, you need to work on a plan to make your speech delivery successful. You have to know your target listeners and select a topic that is appropriate to them. Organize your thoughts by securing a cue card with keywords for each part of your speech. This way, you’ll keep your thoughts and speech on track.

Aside from speech preparation as well as spending the time to practice it, you’ll also be needing effective strategies on how to make your speech a success. Read on below the list of strategies that you can employ during the entire duration of your speech.

Be Personal with Your Speech

When you do public speaking, your primary goal is to convince your audience to believe in everything you say. The chance of achieving this goal depends on your capacity of conveying your message and your ability to get the full attention of your audience.

Your listeners may have different purposes why they listen to you. It might be because they played a big part of your topic, the topic has vital importance to their lives, or it might be your faculty to swerve the full attention of your audience towards you.

One thing that makes the audience listen to you if your speech is personal. Instead of making use of third-person pronouns like they, she, he, it, or even using the words like “people” and “world” which are broad and aren’t specific. You can surf the internet to view more speakers who use the same strategy, and learn how they apply it in their speech.

If you want to get the full attention of your audience, use first and second person pronouns like we, us, our, ours, I, and the like. The most potent pronoun to use is you. Every time you use that pronoun on your speech, you’re calling the audience to action. You’ll sound compelling as if you are in authority. Hence, your public speaking will be a success.

Use Numbers from Reliable Statistics or Surveys

When you do public speaking, make sure that your words are believable. Incorporate a sense of accuracy and precision with your statements.

Citing a particular result of study or survey to strengthen your claim will significantly make your audience curious. Since people by nature are interested in facts, make use of this as your advantage by providing your audience with factual information.

If you want to talk about a particular number of people who favor your claim, try to look for a figure from a study conducted by reliable people or organizations, and include it in your speech. Numbers are facts, hence attract your listeners. Use this strategy every time you do public speaking to make it successful.

Look at the Eyes of Your Audience 

Public speaking is when you deliver your speech in front of many people. As mentioned earlier, your primary goal is to convince your audience to believe whatever you say. Otherwise, the very purpose of your speech will be in vain.

One thing to achieve your goal is to build a connection between you and your audience. Powerful words create an impact on the listeners, but eye-to-eye contact makes the bridge for the message to travel towards the listeners. Hence, the audience will tend to absorb the contents of the speech even more.

When you deliver your speech on stage, try to look at the eyes of your audience as if you’re talking to them personally. Make them feel that the content of your message is only for them. Don’t look around the stage or in nothingness above your head while you’re talking. It’ll surely make your speech completely weak and useless.

You spent time on your speech preparation, so don’t miss that chance. Make the most out of it. Talk to your listeners directly to their eyes.  Get their attention by making sure you’re looking at them the whole time. Your message will become more meaningful to them when you deliver it with eye-to-eye contact.


Public speaking isn’t an easy task to do. Even if you do it every day as part of your job, you still face different challenges. One important thing to keep in mind is the famous quote that says practice makes perfect. There’s no such thing like perfection, but there’s what you call a success. Hence, you need to make your speech successful more than being perfect.

You can employ a lot of strategies when you do public speaking. However, some strategies may not be effective in a particular setting. Make sure to choose some that will help you achieve your objectives, not ruin your performance. You can employ the strategies discussed above. Start to master them now and apply to your next public speaking.


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Written by Tom Clark

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