A STAGE of history charges by

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A stage of history charges by 
23 May 2017

charges By

pulled by beast

or engine

charging in the SKY

and tornado or Chariot

great men learned to Fly

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Tomorrow or Now

the past doesn’t Lie

Stage coach or train coach

or a unicorn that Flies

more long history

centuries of Mystery

Millenniums say their Byes

Chaldea came in

with a king of 48,000

years to SPIN

The tower of Babel

fell to the rabble

of tongue twisting DIN

New stages came in rages

with ziggurat and Ages

of Babylon

and the Nebuchadnezzar

Hanging Garden pages

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while across the Red Sea

the glories of Egyptology

and the Pharaoh’s

brand of Theology

and Moses’s Hand
And Moses and his Rod

followed the bidding

of God

and he took his peopld

crossed the Red Sea

then 40 years in the Desert

just to be    Free

And Mose was taken

to Mt Nebo

where he saw the

River Jordan

but it was Joshua

that would take them

and GO

And at last

they marched past

the falling walls

of Jericho.


What do you think?

Written by Johndavisnearby

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