I always believe, I do not give up.Move possible Shining shining diamonds. Front right and Fight !! Sitting regularly. Burn it to tomorrow Ride on the wind!. Chose it! Chance !! Grab it Star!Shine so hard Jumping to win!The backward appearance that I long been longing for is the future of me?A start line that took on with an awkward footstep. Fly away big ascending air current Fly away. Dream full of sparkling miracle! Come! True!It is not a dream!I always believe, I do not give up. Movement possible Move the world and do its best. It is still incomplete Pure stone Because it surely shines. Encourage me in the middle of heart. The courage to fade is diamond. Front right and Fight !! Sitting regularly. Burn it to tomorrow Ride on the wind. Tempered and Try !! I’m grasping Star. Shine so hard Jumping to win. A piece I was lost a bit more. I do not know the correct answer Let’s make it look like I am. Drawing on the spreading feet Sunny road. While being wrapped in light I! Will! Go!I will not stop!I want to feel more I make sing. What echoes to keep breasts at all times. Raging through now Bright days With true shine. A free wish opens up tomorrow. It is a certain strength. Everyone is not anyone, I am living myself. Honest My dream! Come! True! Shine!

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Written by seriopscual

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