See How This Beautiful Girl Turns Into Nightmarish Characters

Some artists take art to a whole new level. Like this one. Ellie, a 18 year old girl from Scotland does something amazing. Body painting is a thing that she is doing with lots of enthusiasm, and she is good at it. But, the very special thing about this artist is that her work is creepy and frightening. On the face of this beautiful girl you will see different features, such as strange eye shapes which are done so perfectly. If you see her portfolio, you will be amazed by the different characters. Devil, zombie, alien, mystic creature, skeleton,Joker are some of them. She can turn into any of these with the help of paint. Check out this gallery and get inspired for the next Halloween or April fools. You can visit her Instagram profile here.

Take a look at Ellie’s incredible artwork and vote for your favorite one!


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Written by Kristina

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