Salvage Old & Lost iPhone Snapshots

Monday, June 18, 2018

Today, after lunch break, I decided to go on Tuetego to see what I posted. I noticed that I had posted 300 snapshots. I decided to save only my iPhone snapshot into my hard drive, since I lost everything during the last system recovery. It saved these snapshots as PDF files. I forgot how to use PDF files because I mostly use JPEG. I might try to bring these into Photoshop and play with them, maybe change them to JPEG.

I didn’t save any of the IMVU or Yoworld screenshots because I can go to the games and make new screenshots to save on my hard drive, which is better anyway. I didn’t save the photographs that I have in my album and portfolio because I can rescan them into my hard drive later.

I think I will get ready for another local meetup event, which is a break from being on my computer all day or working on my graphic novel.


What do you think?


    • I did change some of the iphone photos i found on my other sites. i made them jpeg, and i wrote my copyright info on 7 of them. it will take me forever to do all my photos copyright. so, i decided i will do that as i need it for future posts.