I normally lean towards writing inspirational poetry. Positively I write poetry that is spirit filled and uplifting for the soul. Because that’s how I really feel. It’s seldom that I probe into the other side of the human condition. That if and when I’m more honest with myself the realization speaks volumes of what needs some attending to.

After being nominated by talented artist Albert Widjojo to a 3 Day Quote Challenge. I decided to scrabble a little deeper. A few days or so later the same story kept on tugging at me. The Invisible Wall, a memoir by Harry Bernstein became the substratum of me penning forward. This particular quote from the narrative for me has profound relevance. Be that as it may, interpretation like art is subjective to the individual. “We’re not very different from one another, not different at all in fact. We’re all just people with the same needs, the same desires, the same feelings. It’s a lie about us being different.”― Harry Bernstein, The Invisible Wall: A Love Story That Broke Barriers

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In reality there is much that can bring us together yet it is such that the ‘differences’ divide us. (pause and think about this this…)     

Though there are many songs to select, I choose 2 that I deem as appropriate soundtracks which stand back to back to further this message;

‘What’s going on’ by Marvin Gaye and ‘In the living years’ – Mike And The Mechanics.


I hear you talking

You hear me talking

But are we listening

to what we’re saying?


Your body’s speaking

My body’s speaking

Tho lips aren’t moving

There’s a language

only silence understands…


We’re often right

We’re often wrong,

We can be similar

yet all so very different


If blame becomes

the name of the game

Information or misinformation

With no communication

The interpretation or misinterpretation

wanes to trepidation…


Shouldn’t we know

that avoidance like pretense

is an emotional disease?

Without understanding

there is no peace between,

Inevitably slowly like rain

the pain sprouts up likes weeds

That’s when the silence masters to no avail…


We’re growing…

But are we going together

or are we sailing apart?

If I’m suppose to be your keeper

and you mine

Between us,

Why is there

an invisible wall?

Copyright © 2017 Bradley M. Tremmil  


What do you think?


Written by Bradley Tremmil

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  1. So great, Bradley! I really like your quotes and portrayals! Dropping walls or breaking borders, or going beyond the edge is the theme I love the most. I am truly amazed at your choice and perspective. Thank you very much that you have been willing to accept and respond to this challenge. Hey, it’s like a special gift for me. My apology that I am a little slow to find this post, and for whatever reason, it is my negligence.

  2. Thank you Carol. I am happy to have added value to you. I’d like to quote Ralph Waldo Emerson from his poem Success, “to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived, This is to have succeeded” I do believe that we are all successful just differently.

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