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Photography Nature, Wildlife, and Primitive Cultures

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

This evening, I went to another Canon workshop. Jami Tarris with Wild Focus Expeditions talked about her adventures in photography wildlife and natures in many exotic countries. She also mentions that many lands and animals are being destroyed for certain animal and plant parts that are used in making products for capitalism. Hence, many animals all over the world are nearing extinction.

Photography is visual storytelling for awareness and education. It is therefore important to educate the world of all the destruction of animals, land, and natural resources for capitalism, zionism, and commercialism.

Nature photography in the Arctic might involve photography white polar bears amidst white snow-covered backgrounds. It is important to overexpose the photograph so that the white polar bear will appear white. If you don’t overexpose the photo, the polar bear will appear yellowed.

To take a really good exposure, it is important to wake up very early, usually around sunrise, in order to photograph because the natural lighting is perfect during that time. Actually, before right before sunrise and right after sunset provide great natural lighting for perfect exposures.

The Galapagos has colorful tropical colors of the island, ocean, and wildlife.

Uganda gorillas are dark colored animals in dark colored forest. It is important to underexpose when taking a photograph of these gorillas.

Namibia has primitive tribe who never bathe or use water on their skin. She also displayed photos of Kenya wildlife and Kenya tribes. Primitive African tribes have their own culture and lifestyle, which is very primitive, simple, and usually pure and natural.

Brazil Pantanal has cute jaguars. Patagonia, in the southern part of South America, Botswana, India, Mount Kilimanjaro, Borneo, and Sumatra are filled with lovely wildlife, nature, and natural resources.

Tapanuli Orangutan in Indonesia are considered to be endangered species. She urges everyone not to buy any products with palm or palm oil because the rainforest is being illegally destroyed and burned down for the palm oil. In the process, many orangutan families are killed. These orangutans are now nearing extinction.

What do you think?

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Written by Fifi Leigh

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  1. I totally agree with your expose Fifi. Animals and nature were here before man and do not deserve loss of habitat, loss of their resources etc. BTW your picture looks amazingly similar to either Ottawa or Gatineau walkway with Canadian geese. They are my favorite bird. Thank you for choosing this picture.

    • there are a lot of Canadian Geese at the Woodbridge Community area, as well as other geese, ducks, rabbits, squirrels, seagulls, other birds…
      I know. I like all animals. I want to protect them before they become extinct. That is one reason I seek out vegan makeup and products. Now, we need to be careful not to use palm oil because of all the displaced or murdered monkeys and apes. It is never-ending…there is always an particular animal in crisis. back in 2008, blogged about Foie Gras, which is tortured and murdered geese for food.
      we need to continue to blog about this stuff and sharing it everywhere…

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