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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

I wasn’t very productive today. For one thing, I couldn’t sleep last night, maybe I drank coffee late at night. So, I got up early, around 5 am, fed Gumby and ate my breakfast. Then, I went back to bed until noon. Then, I just mostly lounged and browsed on the internet, before driving to another Canon workshop.

At 7 pm, I checked out a short workshop about Surfing Photography. Zac Noyle, son of Ric Noyle, is also a photographer, but he specializes in surfing photography. He, too, is from Honolulu, Hawaii. He displayed one of his short videos about Amber Mozo, a Hawaiian girl who lost her father when he was shooting the Pipeline wave in Hawaii. His photographs were of huge ocean waves, surfing, rainbows, sunsets, jet skis, and the dangerous working conditions of being a surfing photographer. Some of his surfing photographs were used for activism because it displayed the littered and contaminated ocean. He showed up some ads he worked on for companies as well as photographs of Michael Phelps.

His father, Ric Noyle, joins him, talking about the business side of photography. The tips were familiar from last night’s photography workshop. But I remembered the three important steps for photography business involves making the required preparations, shooting pictures, and post-production tasks such as editing.

The Zac displays more underwater and swimming photographs. There is a question and answer session at the end. And, by 8:30 pm, most people leave. I drove home, earlier than usual, and I noticed the streets appeared busier than usual at night during this week. I wonder what is going on during this summer.


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  1. people at the Canon photo meetup don’t like my artistic surreal mannequin photos. they think it is too busy, or they just dont like surreal art. i keep telling them it is intentional. surreal mannequin photos are my thing…