Nothing more nothing less

I just went for some education…

Learning amongst the knowledge seekers

I felt the shift in my abdomen

A magnetic pull to my right

And there she was…

Graceful as a butterfly

She weaved thru the crowd

with such style and panache…

Within 30 seconds flat

She waddled like a model

Stood right in front of me

Looked me dead in eyes

Turned her head away

to expose her neck

As if I needed to explore… .

Oh my,

like ‘Gone with the wind’

Her eyes, her ebony eyes

My eyes went down on her

like a parachute

Only to rise up like a photo shoot…

Some kind of porcelain doll

Blazing hot this Asian

Chinese bob cut

Vanilla caramel skin

wearing lipstick red

All within

a classy mini black dress,

matching stockings n heels…

Such sweetness

Oh my,

I just went for some education…

Copyright © 2018                            Bradley M. Tremmil

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