PEDTOL, a form of mental manifestation mental unawareness of self-development when it comes to the mind in a “manifested” blind visual form of my self and what I will become as a person, my mind when it comes to communicating with others is quite unpleasant for me I constantly wave my heart in my hand at the beginning of a conversation and at the end. A memory comes to mind when I created this piece a rose and pedals from a rose and how this memory develops into worried self manipulation of my thoughts, constant paranoia among realizing what a truth can be. These “malfunctions” in my brain begin to form a manifestation into me and how I feel, how I see, also among constant discomfort and a way of creating visual delusions of what a truth is that I don’t want to accept,these thoughts “manifest” and create invisible mirrored boundaries not necessary for me almost like a chemical, constant irregular thought patterns and a want for a balanced lie that is not me..


What do you think?


Written by Daniel-Loya-III

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