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New Media Portrait Of An Old Friend

An art tool that has been serving me so long it has rusted by time and it’s still not for neglect. This sharpener still works like a champ and I have never had any need to replace it. I did a set of photographs of the various tools in my studio one day and realized how loved this one was. I never found a pencil thick or thin that it couldn’t sharpen.

It was fitting to immortalize this tool that I have used for so many years and I couldn’t resist a bit of irony by incorporating it into a digitally produced image. No pencils were harmed in the production of this artwork. The straight photos are OK but this made me smile.             


What do you think?

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    • Like Proust’s madeleine (perhaps not so powerful) it jogs memory for me which prompted me to make its portrait. This model was the pencil sharpener of my childhood as well. This one is over 30 years old and has sharpened many pencils. I assume that they are still available. Cheers!

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