Love ItLove It



With one love as swan love

After zest in

comes the next thing

The best thing

is the nesting…

Boo love ain’t no minute thing

Friends fend till the end

When you in it to win it

Come rain come shine

The ups and downs

are testings…

The yearning and a learning

Sometimes there’s break ups,

Break ups are wake ups

Wake ups are shake ups

Shake up to take up

Wait not till its late

Sometimes the best things

are the make ups…

Fan the flames

when the fire’s still low

Let the lanterns fly up n glow

Like hand in glove go a holdin’

Treasure conversations golden,

Write them letters by the hand

For time here on earth

is but an hour glass of sand…

Quest in the next thing,

Like a mist of smoke that sets in

Blow up the candle lights,

Lovey bubbly cuddling

Pecking and a necking

For the night

is as bright as you let in…

If the bloom is worth it

All of heaven and earth

will allow the love to birth it

When birdie love is purdy love,

The best thing

is the nest-in…

Copyright © 2018 Bradley M. Tremmil


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Written by Bradley Tremmil