My Picks For Cool Tweets About Origami

When I was a little kid an activity that always kept me busy was folding paper and creating things. Paper airplanes were my specialty.  Weren’t they every kid’s specialty?  🙂  I also liked to fold the paper as small as I could, cut it in different spots and then see what kind of snowflake that created when the paper was unfolded.  Other than airplanes and snowflakes, there wasn’t much else a person could make from folding paper.  Right?

That’s what I thought until I learned the Japanese had an art called origami.  Oh my!  I can’t believe what you can do with folded paper!  But even though the article published in The Habitat presents some convincing arguments … origami relieves stress, improves fine motor skills, it’s fun! … I’m still convinced that I should make it a hobby unless it’s a hobby I can turn into an income stream.

Two fun facts that I learned preparing this post.

  • Fact 1:  The paper airplanes I used to make?  That’s origami.
  • Fact 2:  The snowflakes I used to make?  That’s kirigami, which is a variation of origami.



What do you think?


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