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My 1st Artwork on Corel

Friday, 11.22.19

Today, I decided to playing around with Corel to familiarize myself with its features. It is similar to Photoshop and Illustrator, but different platform. I just need to get used to everything to be more comfortable working on different platform. Change and different is cool because it means I am growing and expanding into new horizons. 

I imported one of my recent snapshots from the mall, of a mannequin standing inside the entrance of Bloomindales. Then, I decided to play around with the effects and features, such as smearing the background and playing with transparency, and then adding this spiral hypnotic effect. 

It looks kind of cool, but too much white or bright light coming from the top right side. 

This mannequin kind of looks like the woman, Rose the Hat, in the recent 2019 film, Dr. Sleep. 

This is my first digital art on Corel. 


What do you think?

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