Martin Luther King Jr.

I know that Martin Luther King Jr. Day is over by a few days, but I just thought of this.  Martin Luther King Jr. to me is a man who wanted peace for everyone.  You all have your own opinions and this word play poem is mine.

M is for man

A is for active thinker

R is for reason for

T is for timely

I is for intensity

N is for nurturer

L is for love and learning

U is for understanding others

T is for teaching

H is for helper

E is for educating others 

R is for raising consciousness

K is for kindness to all others

I is for instincts

N is for nature of self and others

G is for gaining strength to believe whatever you want

J is for juggling ideas

R is for rights and rules.


What do you think?


Written by 1Mark

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