Leave It To Beaver (word poem)

Another old television of the past that I used to watch before I went to school was ‘Leave It To Beaver’. This was an old show that was based with the Cleaver family in the town of Mayfield anywhere USA.  A little kid who always seemed to get in some kind of problem wanting to or not.

L is for lucky if you really think about it

E is for energetic

A is for All American

V is for variety of trouble one could get into

E is for extreme at times for the time

I is for inventiveness in thinking

T is for thinking things through, well maybe

T is for timelessness of ideas

O is for opportunities to learn from the past

B is for ‘Beaver’

E is for entertainment

A is for active listening should have been taught; maybe

V is for veracity

E is for education of right and wrong no matter when one lives

R is for restore feelings of family.

What do you think?

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