Layers tell the tale.

This photo is at Red Rocks Colorado, in the fall of 2010. Glancing back thru this photo file I always stare in amazement at the changing crustal layers. These layers are a clear sign or our planets never ending shifts and changes, as it is still a creation in progress, floating thru the vast oceans of space, to be ever so often altered on it’s course by super-mass gravitational forces few can comprehend. Unlike the moon, that shows obvious signs of extraplanetary object impacts over millenia, the earths constant tectonic plate subduction zones bury the layers of history under much older rock, to inevitably be melted by the heat created by the earths core.

Another thought~                                                                                                                                         Everyone needs to understand that one volcanic blast places more CO2 into the atmosphere that all of mankind ever has, including the testing by men of over 2000 nuclear weapons on this planet, the most by far is the US. If man made global warming was real, and solutions were being taxed in the making, THIS would be it’s major contributor to first eliminate. The same powers wanting to enslave the population in the name of saving the planet, are the biggest killers of it. But in the Overwhelming reality of time and space, as we see by the layers of time, this Universe has plans for the Earth, much bigger than mankind’s impact will ever be.



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