The lady so lovely

lived in a tower

She only came down

on the 11th Hour

An hour before Noon

her door would unlock

and she had a few hours

to dance in the sun

watching the Clock

One day her fairy godmother

asked if she wanted

to live another wayThe lady replied

give me a shoe


grew under a Tree

Each day it rose higher

with a staircase

and windows

a lot to SeeShe lived there

a week and a month

and a Day

Then happenstance brought

her a grand Knight

he rode down her Way.

The knight saw her Beauty

and knelt to ask

for her hand

He promised to marry her

before  his king

in the next magic Land

She waited a month

a week and a Day

Her fairy godmother

flew down to SayMisfortune for you

The kings enemies Slew

your knight in battle

He died in honor

without much Ado

The years flew by

like the blink of an Eye

and the lost children

of many kingdoms

were sent by the Fairy Godmother

to the Big Shoe

under the Biggest Tree

NearbyThe lovely lady

loved the children

and put them

in rooms

under the windows

where the giant Tree Looms

And so here is my Tale

of a lady

so pure it

saddens me to

Tell A Story that Grew

the wonderful old LADY

WHO moved from her tower

and brought blessings

to her adopted children

in a magic giant Shoe.


What do you think?

Written by Johndavisnearby

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