Kaleidoscope Gallery ~ Part 1

I posted some of these in the past when I first joined, but I haven’t shared any in quite a while.  If you all enjoy these, I’ll share more than one gallery filled with ones that I have created (and that is a lot).

I hope they are not too repetitive in design or style or color…if they are let me know.  

I made most of these using Corel Paintshop Pro x4.  

I hope you all have a great week (since Sunday is nearing the end, and for some it’s already Monday).

I may not title any of these, as finding titles for kaleidoscopes is even harder than finding them for my graphic art designs.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the kaleidoscopes though!

Here is another one, not really sure what to say about each one...they are mostly self explanatory (at least I would hope so).

Here is the next kaleidoscope design.  What do you all think of it?   Do you like the colors?  

I like this one better because it is not so dark....and the colors are nice (in my opinion).

Here is a very colorful one in a star shape.  I don't remember what program I used to get this star shaped kaleidoscope.  I like the uniqueness of the shape though, what do you think?

This one was made at the time I made the star one (can tell by the colors in the center).  What do you think of this one though?

This one goes back to the style/color theme of one of the first ones in the gallery.  

I know this one is very bright, I hope it's not too bright though!  What do you all think?

I like the colors in this one, very soft and pretty.  Do you agree?

Here is another one that I have made....most likely made with Paintshop Pro.  

Which one of these 10 is your favorite?  I'm always interested in knowing!

What do you think?

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